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Avaion grew up in southern Germany. He already used his stage name for a game in kindergarten, later the name became his nickname. At the age of six he started playing the piano. This was followed by guitar and organ. With these instruments he composed his first songs. He also began to sing and rap. Since 2010 he has been producing, initially mainly in the areas of dubstep and drum and bass. Avaion realized his intense connection to music at an early age. While other kids wanted to become policemen or doctors, he always dreamed of moving people with his music. 

“I’ve been using music as an escape from reality for as long as I can remember,” he said.

“I always had a special connection to electronic melodies and could use it to transport myself to other worlds.”

Avaion started his career with uploads on Soundcloud. He started uploading songs there constantly and building up an audience bit by bit. In 2018 he decided to express his emotions also through his own vocals in music. He started to sing on his own productions and that’s how the first release he put out on Spotify and co via self release came about called “Fucked Up”. A Mix of melancholic vibes compared with Rap. All done by Avaion. Also In 2018 the song “You” was created which is the start of the current style of Avaion. Through this song major labels became aware of him and the journey began. In 2017, he already performed as Avaion at the Open Beatz Festival on the mainstage. With Fucked Up, his debut single was released in 2018. The single Pieces was already released in 2019, but only entered the German single charts on January 28, 2022 and the Swiss hit parade on February 6. A draft of the track was already created in 2016.[4] In 2020, a remix by Lovra and an acoustic version appeared. At the end of 2021, a version with Vize and Leony was released. On February 25, 2022, an EP was released with all versions of the song that had appeared up to that point. 

“Pieces changed my life. I am beyond thankful for all the support I got over the years. I will never stop making music and its because of you guys. love you all”




This song conveys the pain and heartache of a relationship that has ended. It’s about my feelings of being abandoned and lost. I also wanted to express the significance of emotional support during difficult times.

Sonymusic Goldplaque
Sonymusic Goldplaque

250 Million Streams on Pieces

Thank you to everyone who listens.

My latest Festival Gig

Hope Avaion


Hope is a song that I wrote at a time in my life when I did not know what direction to take in life. The song is about my emotional vulnerability and the wish to find my way in life. To be honest I want everyone on this planet to find their way.

Musicstudio Producer Avaion
Pieces Sleepless 9R Studios Musicproduction Housemusic German House Deephouse

My own studio

After 10 years of producing out of my bedroom I finally made my dream came true. Building my own studio.

Sleepless Avaion Yuma Paul Wetz Nu Aspect
Sleepless yuma avaion paul wetz avaion housemusic


Is a heartfelt expression of the pain and difficulty of letting go of a past love, and the struggle to find peace and happiness in the present. Shoutout to the boys Paul, Sam and Yuma.





Love again - Avaion
Love again - Avaion


Your love left so many scars that I don’t know if I can ever open up again.

She dance avaion Producer House Deep House Summervibes
She dance
Multiplatinum Producer Avaion


Is about the desire to escape from reality, holding onto a relationship that has ended and the struggle to move on.

I also got my first platinum plaque for pieces in south africa.

When you go


A mix of melancholic vocals paired with acoustic instruments and electronic dance vibes. A song that came out of dealing with the emotion of letting a person go.

Avaion Pieces House Germany Falling into Pieces


Pieces is about feeling alone and in need of support while going through a difficult time, and longing for someone to be there for one.

My first Festival Gig

You Avaion
Sony music Avaion Christopher Stein Producer sonymusicde

The Breakthrough

In 2018 I released the song “You.” The start of my current genre. This song was also the start of the career. 

Some major labels became aware of me and so I got a deal with Sony. Since then Sony music and I have been working closely together to get the best out of every single song. I am very happy to work with Sony, I have a very good relationship with the people in charge and I get to express myself creatively with full support from the label side. I am proud of what we have already achieved and I can’t wait to see what the future brings. I am ready for more and will do everything for it.

If you made it until here - just know:

I love you